Emergency Exit: 5 Signs You Need To Stop, Run, And Quit

We live in a society where quitting or “giving up” is highly frowned upon. If you walk away from something you no longer have an interest in, you’re deemed a quitter. If you discover a new direction that requires a different use of your time you’re said to be lost. Yet despite what many say, quitting isn’t always a bad choice and in fact can be one of the best decisions you make. Whether that means dropping an old hobby for a new one, or leaving a job to resurrect your broken soul in more fulfilling work. There’s no point sticking around just for the sake of it. Now to be clear, quitting simply because times get rough is not what I’m talking about. Anything worth having is going to take strength, determination, and a ton of effort. But there are times when calling it quits is the most intelligent choice. Here’s 5 Reasons why. You’re Doing It Purely For Pride: Staying in a job or obligation you don’t enjoy just because of your pride is one reason many people roll out of bed unhappy. Is carrying that lawyer tag really worth not being content? Is rising to the top really worth sacrificing your integrity? Having pride is a good but only to a certain extent. Don’t let the label of “quitter” keep you on a path that you know has a dead end. You’re Comfortable: If you want to live a comfortable life by all means do so. But here at PluginID we are all about pushing your comfort zone and growing as a human being, which requires some degree of uncertainty. If you’re current situation leaves you bored to tears and wanting more, maybe it’s time you reevaluate. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, but at the end of the day you know there’s so much more to live and experience. If you’re just going though the motions so you don’t get hurt you’re missing out on a thing called life. Your Heart’s Not In It: Interests change. Passions fluctuate. Don’t become attached to any one piece of your life. It’s easy to continue on a path just because you’ve done it all your life. But if you’re hearts not in it, do what you can to get out. I’m not going to be extreme and say quit your job on the spot, but if it makes sense do what you can to change careers. Start a fund. Get proactive. Find a place where your heart excels. You’re In It Just For Others: There’s nothing wrong with trying to earn respect from your family and friends. Everyone does it. But there comes a point when you have to live your life for you. That doesn’t mean to be selfish in your endeavors but it also means you shouldn’t be a doormat for people to walk on. I can’t tell you how many people I know who are in certain situations only because they think that’s what their friends and family want. Be honest with those around you. Tell them of your ambitions and goals. Being true to yourself is far better than putting on a fake just to please your loved ones. You’re Scared: Quitting is scary. So is uncertainty. But don’t let that stop you from switching paths. You’d be surprised at how quickly it is we adapt. When I moved to China I was scared out of my mind. But it turns out moving was a great experience for me in so many ways. Being scared means you care. But it also shouldn’t keep you from moving forward. Not having a job may be scary, but it’s a better alternative then letting your passions die. Stepping down as director of your community may open new doors for you to pursue. Everyone gets scared, it’s those that take action in spite of that fear that always come out on top.

Walking Away

The truth of the matter is many people fill their lives with commitments and jobs they can’t stand. While some obligations are necessary to function in our society, you have plenty more control of your life work and daily routine then you often give yourself credit for. Taking time to determine if your current path is the one right for you will save you weeks perhaps years of misery, but it does take courage. Realize the longer you sit and settle the harder it will become to finally step up to the plate and acknowledge the complex human being you are. If you’re currently unsatisfied with the life you’re living realize you have the ability to change it to fit your needs. Stop wasting your valuable time living a life that doesn’t fulfill you. Is it time you quit? Is your heart nudging you in a entirely new direction? Perhaps it’s time you walk away with your head held high. You’ll thank yourself later.

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