The Power of an Abundance Mindset

Having an abundance mindset is one of the key principles in order to lead a more fulfilling and realistic life. I say realistic because most people go through life in a scarcity mindset, they feel that there isn’t enough of a certain possession or goal to go around so they give up hope. In reality, there is a total abundance of all the things we crave if we look in the right places so with this post I want to look into the power of abundance and why this mindset could completely change your life.

What is an Abundance Mindset

The knowing of living in abundance is an excellent mentality to have, besides the fact that it is true; it can also unlock the door to seeing the world from a completely different and rewarding perspective. Abundance, the opposite of scarcity, applies to many things that at times we think are rare or there are little of them, some examples include:
  • Attractive men / women
  • Jobs
  • Opportunities in life
  • Money
Think about the following scenario. John is an average looking guy and is going on a blind date with a girl named Suzie. It’s been a while since he dated so he gets dressed up, changes his socks and even buys some new shoes. The date doesn’t go so well, John actually really likes Suzie but it doesn’t seem like she was too interested in him and she decides it’s best if they don’t meet again. Suzie goes home and doesn’t even think about the event that night. John, on the other hand, is distraught. He spent all this money on shoes, put all the effort in, paid Suzie loads of compliments and even paid the bill so that she would like him. He thinks that as it’s been so long since he had a date he has no chance of getting another one soon and sees Suzie as a missed opportunity, hence his negative emotions afterwards. The reason for John’s negative emotions is actually though a scarcity mindset, let’s look at things more closely:
Cares a lot about the outcome of the dateWill be happy if the blind date turns out well, but isn’t overly bothered
See’s Suzie as a last hopeUnderstands there are millions of men out there
Puts a lot of importance on the meetingSees it as another opportunity
In reality, there are millions of women out there for John. It’s not that he doesn’t know this, it’s just that he’s so focused on the situation with Suzie that he can’t zoom out and see the bigger picture. Because he thinks he has messed things up and has blown his opportunity, he gets very depressed and might even think the world is ‘out to get him’.

Benefits of an Abundance mentality

Having an abundance mentality is not something that is unrealistic. There literally are partners to be met, money to be made and jobs to be had and if you zoom out to see the bigger picture you will notice this as well. To start seeing life through a more abundant lens, you just simply have to zoom out and see the bigger picture. There are billions of people on this planet so there is always going to be a partner for you. There are trillions of dollars out there so there is money to be made and there are millions of jobs out there and one that will be perfect for you. Whatever it is you are viewing through a scarcity mindset, zoom out. There are some other benefits to an abundance mindset which include:
  1. Willingness to fail
If you have an abundance mindset you are more likely to go out and try things. You are fine to try for a job you like because if you don’t get it then it’s OK because there are lots more to go for. The same is if you see an attractive woman at a bar and go and talk to her, if you aren’t willing to fail then you are probably going to be too scared in the first place. Your willingness to fail allows you to push for more things in life and try things that would have scared you previously because if things don’t go right, you can keep trying. Your willingness to fail gives you the willingness to go for things, and if you are going for what you want in life, with enough patience and effort you can’t go far wrong.
  1. Continue to work towards your goals
If you think you only have a few opportunities to succeed at something, then it’s no surprise that it is easy for you to give up hope. I recently heard of a woman who published her first book at the age of 80 and sold thousands if not millions of copies. Do you think that she would have been able to finish it if she had the scarcity mindset or self limiting beliefs such as not having a chance of success or being too old? An abundance mindset allows you to keep working on your goals and actually being able to achieve them because you know it is possible and you know it can be done. If you don’t believe you have the chance to succeed then where is your motivation going to come from? See things through the lens of abundance and start to realise your true potential.
  1. Less attachment and negative emotions
In the case of John, he became very depressed because he really wanted a girlfriend and saw Suzie as a last chance so-to-speak. The reason for his depression is that he was attached to the outcome of things going well, and because they didn’t he thinks he’s lost his chance of getting a girlfriend. Having less attachment in our lives can lead to a lot less negativity due to the fact that we can move on and know there is more out there, examples include:
  • Not worrying about a bad job interview as there are more to have
  • Not worrying if a date goes bad because there are more women out there
  • Not worrying if an idea fails because you have more to try
Now if you are attached on your idea becoming successful or your interview to go well, and they don’t, then it’s obvious to see why this can lead to depression, anger and disappointment. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try your hardest and hope for the best, but sometimes we care too much about things that we can’t control. When are you going to start living life with an abundance mindset?

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