4 Reasons to Be Your Own Hero

“Be your own hero, it’s cheaper than a movie ticket.” – Douglas Horton In personal development, there is one thing and one thing only that you can do in order to truly liberate yourself and raise your standard of living – and in case you hadn’t guessed it from the title of this post and the quote above, it is to become the hero of your life. Becoming a hero – choosing to act like one instead of sliding on your spidey suit under your work clothes every day and hoping your secret identity doesn’t get revealed – covers all of the bases of personal development in one fell swoop. It makes you perform better in every aspect of your life while making life a lot less banal. Being a hero – even a superhero – is a lot more fun than just being Normal Norman or Mediocre Marty. Instead, life suddenly becomes an adventure, complete with evil villains, risky missions, trusty sidekicks, and after-hours tinkering in your Batcave to make better your cool gadgets (projects) come to fruition. Isn’t that miles (kilometers for my non-American readers) more fun than going through the same sleep-wake up-commute-work-leisure-sleep cycle that we all inevitably fall into? Choosing to see yourself as the hero of your own life will make you wake up and want to attack the day to see what kinds of excitement it can bring. It’s like starring in your own reality TV show – but with much more real-life consequence. All that it requires is that you model yourself after your favorite superhero – though, without all the crime-stopping. You’re meant for something else.  

Wait… Why Should I Become a Hero Again?

  1. You’ll trust yourself. Self-trust and being your own hero go hand-in-hand. Instead of looking answers from the outside – looking for people to tell you what to do – you’ll trust yourself to go with what you think is right. Over time, you will become much better at making decisions, a coveted trait in any leader.
The best part about this, though, is that you’ll realize that your life is in your hands and that no one can stop you from doing what you truly want to do. This includes taking responsibility for your emotions and actions at any given moment. However, the flip-side of this is that you will have to deal with the consequences of your actions and cannot blame them on anyone else. Taking full responsibility for yourself ensures that you are accountable to yourself and maintain your integrity – two essential things for any hero.
  1. You’ll be able to see yourself through rough times. No matter how heroic and swashbuckling we think we are, we end up hitting rough patches eventually. Superheroes do all the time, and you’ll be no different.
The great thing about this is that, if you know that you’re a hero, you’ll have that faith in yourself to pull through the tough times. Every great hero has been met with challenges. They’re heroes because they overcame those challenges. Treating those challenges as part of your “hero story” and recognizing them as an integral part of the adventure of life will allow you to put things in perspective and get through things with less anxiety and more hope. And more hope is always good, right?
  1. You’ll do what’s right. No, that doesn’t mean you’ll help old ladies walk across sidewalks. That means you’ll live your life according to your personal standards of excellence – if you decide to raise the bar high enough. That means when you decide to eat healthy, you’ll eat healthy because that’s what a hero would do.. The same goes for any habit you’re trying to establish. Also, you’ll be naturally willing to help people all the time – because that’s what heroes do.
  2. You’ll become a people magnet. And I don’t mean that you’ll suddenly attract people of the opposite sex.
What will actually happen is that, by living your life as your own hero, you will draw people in who are more like you, while repelling the people who don’t click with you. The people who don’t click with you will probably be especially vocal about it – but we don’t pay them much mind because they’re “haters” or, in superhero parlance, villains. Yes, you’ll create some enemies by being your own hero, but you’ll also create a lot more friends.

What Would a Hero Do? (WWAHD?)

If you ever need any help in being a hero, all you need to ask yourself is one simple question – What would a hero do? That question immediately puts you on the right track and infuses you with near-infinite willpower. Say you wake up in the morning and are really sluggish. You hit snooze on your alarm and want to go back to bed because it feels so good. But wait – time stops and you ask yourself, “What would a hero do?”. Your subconscious answers, “He would get up, even though he doesn’t really want to.” Soon enough your feet are on the floor and you’re forcing yourself to wake up. This is applicable in nearly any situation where you have a dilemma. Simply ask yourself, “WWAHD?” and your subconscious will feed you a response that will put you back on the right track. Powerful? I think so. But keep in mind that in order to act like a hero, you must believe you are one to begin with. Start believing. Start trusting. Start acting.

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