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Note from Glen: This is not a typical PluginID post so if you have no interest in how I managed to grow this blog or how you could start one of your own, feel free to skip this entry. To everyone else, I have a nice treat in store for you today. For the last few weeks I have been working hard on a blogging eBook which, I’m very happy to announce, is now available to download. This isn’t your typical blogging guide, it includes solid advice but also has quite a few personal stories amidst its 69 pages of free content. To top it all off, I don’t even want your email in order to send you a copy. In fact, for those of you who can’t wait to give it a look, you can click here to get your free copy right now (opens as a PDF). Click Here To Download Your Free Copy (Opens as PDF)

The Idea Behind the Project

I get a lot of emails from my friends and readers about blogging. People want to know which plugins I recommend, how I grew this site so quickly or how much money I make and that kind of thing. I do my best to respond to every email I get, but answering questions on a topic that I don’t even write about is quite time consuming. Therefore, I decided it would be a good idea to put all my answers in one place. I wouldn’t say that PluginID has experienced some insane growth, but the site doesn’t turn one year old until the end of next month and I’m quite pleased with the current situation. I decided to put together this eBook for two types of people. If you already blog, then there are tips to increase your traffic through quality content, through search, and through social media. If you’ve never built a blog but are interested in starting one, you’ll also learn everything you need to know. Quite simply, this eBook has been put together to fill a need I thought was sorely desired on the web.

The Three Sections

The eBook is split into three parts, each one is quite different to the next and they all offer great value. They are: Part One: My Story – As the name suggests, this section of the eBook gives you my background into blogging. I like to think it isn’t all boring and soppy and actually includes some great lessons. More specifically, it covers:
  • The story of how my blogging adventures started
  • How I made over $20,000 in 4 months from one blog
  • Why I quit college and how it paid off for me
  • How blogging enabled me to land my dream job
Part Two: Your Story – This section takes the attention away from me and puts it right on you. If you already run a blog and want to know how to increase traffic, this section is perfect. Perhaps most importantly though, if you have never run a blog and want the exact steps to know how, you’ll find everything here (with lots of screenshots). I really haven’t held back in this section. I want everyone who has had an interest in starting a blog or already run one to be able to follow this guide and turn your desire for a successful blog into reality. Part Three: My Secrets – As you will see I’ve written, it was important for me to ensure that this wasn’t just another blogging eBook. While I don’t think there are any out there with this kind of information completely free, I still wanted to be that signal which cuts through all the noise. Including in this section is:
  • How I rank on the first page of Google for ‘Personal Development’
  • Why my site will keep growing, even when I stop blogging
  • How I focus my energy more effectively on increasing subscribers
If you like the sound of the eBook, then click the link below to get your free copy. Click Here To Download Your Free Copy (Opens as PDF)

Already Blog? Here’s Another Freebie

If you already run a blog (or start one very soon thanks to this guide) then I have another bonus available, completely free. All you have to do is download a copy of the eBook and post a review about it on your own blog. The only requirement is that you must link back to this post so your readers can pick up a copy if they wish. In return, I will include a backlink to your site from my other blog which has a Google PR of 4 and over 2,000 feed subscribers. Not a bad deal, eh? Depending on how many people do this, you may be one of only a few links and receive quite a nice influx of traffic. To qualify, simply write your blog post and then email me the link when it is live.

Special Thanks

I have put a ton of work into ensuring this guide would offer real, practical value, but I knew it wouldn’t be perfect. Therefore, I enlisted the help of some beta testers who received an early copy in return for giving me some advice on how I could improve the offering. On that note, I want to say thanks to Haider, Victoria, Carla, Ivan, Tony, Armen, Dan, Al and Carla M. Thanks also go out to all 3,150 of you or so who I wanted to write this eBook for. I really hope that you all enjoy it. I would love to hear what you think of the guide in the comments!

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