Cloud Living Affiliates

Hey and thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate of Cloud Living. This page has been created to hopefully give you everything you need to become a successful promoter of this product.

About the Product

The product, specifically is my guide on how I make a 5-figure monthly income and grew a 4,000 subscriber blog in less than one year. Around half of my income comes from blogging and half comes from affiliate marketing. Both of these are covered in full in the guide! The format of the guide is as follows:
  • A 176-page eBook
  • 6 Tutorial Videos (ranging from 4-6minutes in length)
  • A Free Affiliate Template
  • An 8-page document guide
The image for the guide that can be used in your promotions can be found here:

Affiliate Commission

The guide is currently selling for $37 and it includes a 51% commission. That is $18.87 per sale and a tidy $471.75 if you only sell 25 copies. If you would like to sign up as an affiliate, please go here. When choosing a product, choose Cloud Living.

About Me

If you need to tell your blog readers a little about me, here is some quick information…
  • At 16 one of my websites was mentioned in the book “DJ’ing for Dummies”
  • At 17 I was featured on the Official Blog of a Google Engineer
  • At 17 I made over $4,000 online in one month
  • At 18 I became the Social Media Manager for multiple Fortune 100 Companies
  • One of my clients was featured on the Digg homepage over 40 times
  • At 19 I quit my job to work online full-time with my own websites
  • At 20 I’m still doing it
  • I have been featured on 10 of the Top 100 Blogs in the World (According to Technorati)

More Information

If you need more information about me or the product then feel free to get in touch. Additionally, you can also read this blog post for more information on what the product contains.