Equations for a Happier Life

From the title of this article, you’d think I’m a fan of math. I’m not. Definitely not. I almost failed it in high school and succeeded in flunking it in college. So don’t expect that I’ll be giving you mathematical statements that make sense. But I’m going to share with you “equations” illustrating the different relationships between the negatives and positives in life.

Positive attitude + Negative situation = Positive result

I read this in an article quite some time ago: Positive Attitude In Negative Situation = PAINS. I totally agree. It’s never easy to forgive and move on when you’re hurt, to smile when you’re in debt or in some kind of trouble, to be strong and hopeful in the face of a loss or failure, and so on. Positivity is almost always the more difficult path to take in critical situations, but it’s definitely the more worthwhile – compared to a negative reaction that we usually try to justify as a natural human tendency. The rewards of a positive attitude are worth the effort. There may be times that you won’t be getting the exact results that you want, but you’ll surely end up a better person with another great life lesson.

Positive situation + Negative attitude = Negative result

Fear is not a hindrance to achieving something. It’s letting fear overcome you that will keep you from doing things you want to do. Haven’t we heard of stories of people who could have married the love of their life, but didn’t, because of their fear of commitment or responsibility? I remember being in a music bar together with some friends some years back. One of the musicians was inviting some music students in the crowd to get up on stage and do an impromptu performance. But no one was volunteering. His advice to them: “Take away that fear from inside you. You won’t go anywhere if you let fear stop you.” Not overcoming your dread of heights, failure, or whatever terrifies you will stop you from experiencing new things and keep all possibilities hidden from you. You’ll end up not knowing a lot of things – something you might regret in your old age.

Positive attitude + Negative attitude = Positive or Negative result

We aren’t perfect. I hope we all know that much and keep this mind. We have our own positive and negative attitudes. But the outcome of having them all inside us depends on the value that we place in them. If we let our negativity dominate every time we deal with a person, a situation, or anything, we can bet that we’ll get an unpleasant experience from it – unless we come back later on and view it positively as a lesson learned the hard way. But if we choose to let our positive attitude shine, we can expect that there are some great rewards coming our way. No matter how hard we try, our life can never be composed exclusively of constant numbers of positivities – positive attitude, promising situation, loving people all around, etc. It has a lot of variables like failures, criticisms, disappointments, and many others that often hit us unexpectedly. Knowing the equations will give us the results we want to have.

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