Facing Your Fears

Take a moment and think about what scares you. What is it that fear most? Maybe you fear stumbling over your lines during a big presentation. Or perhaps you’re afraid of the consequences of failure. You may even be afraid of the responsibility that comes with success. Whatever the case, I’m certain fear is holding you back in some way. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, fears something. But here is the good news: fear only exists in the mind, and with the right mindset it can be defeated time and time again. Obviously, there are a few legitimate fears, such as the fear of snakes in my case, but most fears are created between the 6 inches between your ears. There’s an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard, that says whatever you fear you must face; and for the past few years I’ve done that with great success.

Finding Courage

I have always wanted to share my writing with the world but for much of my life I was afraid of what may result. What if my writing sucks? What if people judge me? What if I don’t meet my own expectations? What if I’m wasting my time? For whatever reason, I mustered up the courage to take action, despite the monster fear looking right back at me. What I have found is fear only has power when in your mind. You have the ability to face your fears just as I do, and when you decide to face fear head on, the seemingly insurmountable beast quickly becomes weak and powerless. Facing my fears has allowed me to share my writing with thousands of people through the medium of blogging. Facing my fears has allowed me to guest post on dozens of highly recognized blogs. Facing my fears has allowed me to grow more than I thought possible. I say not all this to brag but to show that the path of fear is often the path with the heart. I can honestly say that I was very close to never blogging at all, and now knowing that blogging has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done; I’m thrilled to know I took the leap. Imagine if I had let my fears swallow me up whole. What about you? What have you let stopped you from living your dream? It disheartens me to see so many people give up before they even give themselves the chances to get started. I receive people emails all the time asking how I do what I do, but the truth is I’m just an average guy who has refused to let fear beat me you can too.

The Consequences of Fear

When you’re scared you automatically begin to make excuses on why you aren’t capable of doing something. This quite frequently involves needless procrastination and lame excuses for why you can’t reach your goals.But you can’t honestly know what’s possible until you give it your all. I know facing your fears isn’t always the easiest of tasks. I know uncertainty is scary, and I know that sometimes you will fall on your ass. But the more you fight fear the stronger you become. Sometimes fear may get the best of you, but with the right mindset victory is well within your reach. Take  those dance lessons you’ve been nervous to take.  Start that business you’ve always wanted to run. Feel the fear and take the leap anyway?  Begin to change the world in ways you never thought possible. It’s time.

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