Family Matters: How Strong Is Your Family Bond?

Here at PluginID we talk a lot about ways in which you can improve yourself, we talk about why you should celebrate your success, simple ways to be happy, and quitting the what if game. Yet up until this point we haven’t talked much about a very important part of who you are: Family. Part of plugging in to your identity is realizing how important your relationships are specifically your family. Without a doubt, your family ( or rather the people you like to call your family) plays a extraordinary role in how your life turns out. Today I’d like to share with you ways in which you can make the most out of your family relationships no matter where you currently stand.  

Creating A Stronger Family Bond

By no means do I claim to have perfect relationships all around the board. In fact, my fair share of struggles in this area allows me to share my insights openly and honestly. While it’s not my place to tell you “leave” your family, I do believe it is unwise to continually surround yourself with individuals who bring you down. That being said, I am convinced that by putting effort into your family, you can significantly improve the life of your relationships regardless of where you began.

Establish Boundaries

Because your family plays such an important part of your life, it is important you have boundaries in place. Blood is not an excuse for emotional or physical abuse. The truth of the matter is you and your family ( whether that be by blood or level of connection) won’t always see eye to eye. Therefore it’s crucial you set boundaries on what is and isn’t allowed. For example if you love drawing art but your family constantly puts your creativity down it’s important that you make it clear that that is unacceptable. Or if want to start a business but those you love deem it risky, let them know of your true desires. While you and your family may not always get along, it should never result in tearing people down. Establishing boundaries allows for your family to be on the same page even if they may disagree.

Create Your Own Family

Your family doesn’t need to be defined by blood. In fact, your relationships outside of your immediate family can be just as strong and rewarding. While the nature of the relationship may be a bit different the connection potential is just the same. As you know, we can’t control who our immediate family is. Many of us are fortunate enough to grow up in a loving house hold (I surely was), but there are also those who were not so lucky. While you can’t always choose your circumstances you can always decide how to react. Crafting a family that enables you to grow in a loving environment is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take. When you surround yourself with individuals thats support your goals and dreams instead of nit pick at them, it can accelerate your growth and enjoyment of life tremendously. You know the people that you want part of your family, and you know the people you should shy away from.

Spend Quality Time

With a million facets vying for our attention, it’s especially important to make your family time count. When you’re in the presence of those you love do your best to really be there. Put away your phone and turn off that never ending to do list in your head. Instead, fully appreciate those you care about. I can’t tell you how much quality time I’ve wasted with my family in the past, all because I didn’t make the effort to be fully present. It’s amazing what can happen to your relationships when instead of being on your phone or having your mind else where, you tune into the connection possibilities at hand. Again, I struggle with this just as much as the next person, but a bit of conscious effort can go a long way. Making the most out of the time you spend with loved ones is no doubt common sense yet many continue to delude their time by accepting interruptions and being else where in their head. Do you?

Admit That You’re Wrong

In my experience one of the greatest causes of strain in family relationships is when your ego gets the best of you. I don’t think your ‘ego’ is always bad like many believe, but it can be when you’re too stubborn to admit your shortcomings. We make mistakes. Why not be willing to admit them? I’ve certainly been particularly hard headed at times and it only prolonged the tension in my relationships. Your family will run much more smoothly if when a mistake is made it is accepted rather than rejected or blown off. If you make a mistake admit it. If you went overboard let that be known. Don’t pretend that your incapable of making mistakes. I’ve found that by admitting I’ve made a mistake I’ve gained much more respect from my family then when I profess my perfection.

Express Gratitude

Think about your current family situation. Are you happy with where you’re at? Does your family bring you joy? Or are there areas of your relationships you need to work on? Regardless of your current situation, there’s an abundance to be grateful for. Far too often we get caught up in what is “wrong” with our family and consequently project negative emotions onto those around us. Instead of focusing on why mom annoys you, or why your sibling is good for nothing, focus on that for which you’re grateful. In each family is at least a dozen nuggets of beauty. Your family has given you ample opportunity to grow, to love, and to learn even if you aren’t able to see at the time. And while some families do lack love, you have the ability to go find it elsewhere if that is the case. When you choose to be grateful for the situation you’re in, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Don’t forget to love them. How strong is your family bond? Does it build you up or tear you down? How do you make the most of your family relationships? I’d love to hear in the comments below. And don’t forget to let your love be known.

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