Free Superpowers! (Hint: You Already Have Them)

If you want the superpower of feeling good all the time, then you can have it. Here, go on and take it. It’s yours, if you really want it. In fact, you’ve had it all along and you never realized it. You’ve just never decided to take the leap and tap into your own power, my friend. But trust me — it is there, and it will be there for you if you want it. Of course, it comes with a price: in order to keep the superpower, you must, for 30 minutes a day, sit up straight (or lie down, whichever you prefer; all that matters is that your spine stay straight), and don’t think. If you make that 30-minute session a ritual, I guarantee that your superpower will be working all the time.

The Power of Meditation

What do you call sitting up straight and not thinking for extended periods of time? Meditation. And, truly, my readers, it is far and away the best habit you could ever pick up. Nothing I have done in my entire life has changed my life as radically as meditation has – when I’m in a meditation groove and I’m doing it well (as in, no thinking and being very present) for 30 minutes a day, I feel amazing. I feel like a superhero, without the other cool superpowers; I really wish I could fly, but, unfortunately, meditation doesn’t confer such powers upon me. It only makes me feel virtually unstoppable — I can remember one day when I was really well rested and meditated a lot the night before, and I went around giggling all day, saying to myself, ”I’ve got lightning coming out of my hands!” And, truthfully, I felt incredibly powerful that day, kind of like Darth Vader. Actually, I felt exactly like Darth Vader, just without the cool voice and the evilness. There is nothing – and I mean nothing – better than the high that meditation gives me. It’s incredible. Everything that would normally annoy me or cause me to be reactive just slides right on by, as if it never mattered at all. I begin to enjoy the little things in life more, from breathing to the wonders of modern technology, and I feel like saying, Whoa every time something cool happens as part of a pure appreciation of life. I feel much more creative and The Resistance is weakened a lot when I’m in a stretch where I’m really into the meditation habit; I’m a much smoother writer and new ideas come to me effortlessly. I also become a kind of social butterfly, even though I’m extroverted already. Sharing things and being expressive are a lot easier. Predictably, though, when I go without meditation for a little while (even one day!), things go south. I become extremely reactive, the quality of my work everywhere, from school to writing, drops precipitously, and I get hit with massive writer’s block. I don’t feel like talking to anyone, and a general sense of apathy washes over me, which makes it hard to get myself out of the rut. I’ve also noticed this bizarre pattern that, whenever I’m keeping the meditation habit up, great things tend to happen to me, and the opposite is true too: when I stop meditating, bad things start to happen, like meditation gives me good luck in addition to making me feel amazing. One piece of advice for all of you: if you start meditating and you begin to observe positive results, you’re probably going to think that you don’t “need” meditation anymore and you’re going to stop doing it. That’s wrong. Once you stop meditating, you’ll stop getting the benefits, then you’ll have to start the cycle all over again. It’s much easier to maintain the habit than it is to keep starting and stopping and starting over again. I don’t think I can say enough about meditation, so I’ll cut it short here. Meditation is absolutely fantastic, and you’d be a fool to look down on it as New Age nonsense. I was a skeptic once, too. That is, until I tried it. Then there was no doubt in my mind that meditation was and is a great and incredibly rewarding practice that everyone should pick up. I have no idea why it works; it just does. That’s good enough for me, and it should be good enough for you too.

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