How to Find your Core Passion

Finding our passion is a fundamental aspect to being able to enjoy a happier and healthier life. Although many people seem to just know what they are passionate about, the majority of people actually struggle to know what it is they truly enjoy. Usually it’s not because there isn’t anything we are passionate about, we just can’t work out our burning desire and find a passion that we want to focus our efforts on in order to get somewhere in life. You are not alone, until I started this website I had struggled to find what I was passionate about. I’m going to share my story and then some steps you can take to find your core passion.

My Story

Finding your core passion is no easy task, or at least I haven’t found it so easy. The main reason is that I have so many interests:
  • Helping others
  • Communicating online
  • Going out and socialising as much as possible
  • Graphic design
  • Internet Marketing
I hated the fact that I couldn’t narrow down my focus to one thing i wanted to do. For example, I stopped offering internet marketing services then wanted to do them again because my income dried up a little. It wasn’t my core passion and just because I’m knowledgeable on a subject I’ve realised it doesn’t mean I have to do it. With this website I can incorporate internet marketing, helping others, socialising (promoting offline) and also communicating online. I’m not going to narrow my focus so I’ll also continue to be very involved in the internet marketing industry and helping people drive traffic to their websites. I also want to earn my income from online activities so I can travel whilst being able to work, all I need is a computer and an internet connection, how many people can say that?

Why find your Core Passion

I believe everyone has a core passion and that it is going to be beneficial to everyone to find it. However, I also think that:
  • Core passions can change slightly but their focus will remain e.g. if your core passion is to help others then you may find different ways to do that
  • You shouldn’t ‘stop’ doing other things until you find it, continue on your journey and it will at least come to you eventually
  • Work on the things you enjoy, even if its multiple things and you may realise a click like myself
I think the main reason that people want to find what they are really passionate about is so that they can focus on it, however this is a limiting belief as it might cut you out of doing other things if you think they “aren’t your passion”. I understand that areas of my passion will change over time, but I do like knowing that I’m on the right track which gives a sense of relief, something that I’m sure is shared by you guys or at least when you find it.

How to Find your Passion

So, how do you go from having a few interests or a few hobbies to finding your core passion? Well, I have some good news for you, it’s actually pretty simple. First of all, set aside 10 – 30 mins of your time, if you don’t focus on this then you probably aren’t that interested in finding your passion after all. Secondly, grab a pen and paper. Computers can be too distracting and you might end up clicking off onto other things, I also thing you’ll find it more relaxing and free flowing if you use a pen and paper. Now then, jot down some answers to the following questions. You can have multiple answers for each question; keep writing whatever comes to your head, even if you might not believe in it. When you write something you really mean and really connect with on a deeper level you will just know. If you are getting close try tweaking your answers until it just clicks, if it doesn’t click you probably haven’t hit your core self with your answer:
  1. If there is no such thing as failure, what would you be doing right now?
  2. Write down your ideal life scene including car, family, location and schedule
  3. Note down the qualities of people that you most respect, pick 10 people
  4. – Make a separate list of the qualities that appear multiple times, these are qualities you want to have in yourself
My answers are below (zoom in for a better view) The final question is the most important. Based on what you have written down already your mind should be opened up, you should be accessing the part of your brain where these thoughts occur and have a better chance at understanding your passion. Now, write down what you think your passion is, just keep writing them down in a list – the first things that come to your head – even if you don’t think they are your passion. If it comes to you, write it down. There will be one of these that really feel when you write it down, even if it takes you 50 different tries you will know when the words you have wrote down connect to your deeper self. This is your passion, what you do with it is up to you. My main recommendation is that you don’t focus on it too much, just enjoy knowing what you want to do and what you enjoy. If this exercise didn’t work for you then don’t feel like you can’t continue with life until you’ve found your passion. Keep doing what you are doing, appreciate every moment you are in and don’t be miserable about this aspect of your being. Embrace every moment and accept every opportunity, keep going down the path and it will come to you.

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