How to Kill Burn Out

How many times have you been bogged down in the middle of a project, feeling like giving up because there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? The project feels as if it’ll never get done, everything you do takes forever, you’re starting to get frustrated with the process, and the best option – the option that will seemingly free you – is to quit. Unfortunately, quitting renders all the time you spent and all the frustration you had meaningless. All those sleepless nights, cringe-worthy meetings, and the tens or hundreds of hours dedicated to getting things done? All gone. Don’t mean anything. So, of course, you have to press on in spite of your growing sense of frustration and hopelessness. But, in order to do so and keep yourself sane, you have to change the way that you’re doing your project. If you keep doing what you’re doing and press on valiantly, sure – you’ll get the project done. But, by the end, you won’t be doing your work to its fullest potential. You’re going to experience “burn-out” even more, with greater frustration and resentment for the work that has to be done. You’ll be cutting corners and taking shortcuts just so the project gets done. Not good – that’s why burn-out is so tricky to manage.

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