How to Make Friends

Over 40,000 people each month go to one of the major search engines and search for ‘How to Make Friends’ or a similar variation. With the focus of this website being about reaching and helping as many people as possible, I’ve been looking for common issues that I can help solve for the greater good. Note that I would never simply write about something in order to get more visitors and nor would I offer advice on something I have no experience with unless I state that. In 2006 I went to college on my own at 16 and didn’t know one single person, 1 week later and I had a huge group of friends. Note: If you are reading this in your RSS Reader or Inbox I advise you click through to the post The same happened when I moved to Cape Town. I didn’t know one single person in the whole of South Africa yet now I’m going out 4 / 5 nights a week and have close to 100 phone numbers saved in my mobile. I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m telling you because I’ve applied the same fundamental ways to make friends every single time. This is timeless information that gets to the heart of why and how friendships develop and how you can get more friends in your life.

Free eBook

Because I’ve discovered there’s a great need on quality information on this subject I’ve decided to give away a free, 24-page eBook packed with information. I could have wrote a blog post on this but I wanted to go very detailed on the subject. The contents of the eBook includes:
  • Exactly how I went from 0 Friends to Total Abundance
  • Core fundamentals you need to make friends
  • The exact mindset you need to adopt
  • What people really want in a friend
  • Why you should never change for anyone
You will never receive any spam and your email address will not be sold! Once you enter your email address into the box you will have to confirm your subscription, to do that simply click on the verification email that you receive. Once that is done, you will have automatically subscribed to our RSS feed where there is a link in the bottom of all posts. If you are already subscribed to our RSS feed you should see a link in the bottom which says ‘Freebies‘ and that will take you to the eBook download page. It may take us to make another blog post before this updates in your inbox or RSS reader. To be even more specific, here is what you will learn:
  • How to find your Core Values
  • How to work our your Passion / What You Love
  • How to Make Friends Online
  • How to Make Friends in College
  • and much more…
Update: Thanks for all comments & feedback. I’m going to continue improving the eBook to make it the best offering I can give!

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