How to Send Sincere Thanks

The most unforgettable notes and cards I’ve received are those that were written for me personally. This goes particularly for thank you messages. It’s so enticing to just click on free online greeting cards these days. And t’s also so easy to make generic greeting cards. But I hope you try making your greetings and messages as heartfelt as possible, especially when you’re addressing someone you really want to say big thanks to.

So how should you phrase your message? It doesn’t have to have a poetic appeal that can rival Hallmark’s collections. It can be simple, but personal and sincere. One thing you should always do is to mention why you’re saying thanks. If you’ve received a gift from someone, mention that gift in your thank you card, email, SMS, etc. It doesn’t matter if you’re thanking him or her for a wrapped present or a couple of hours spent chatting over coffee.

If you’re always at a loss for words, there are some ideas that can inspire you to write cheerful and unique “Thank You” messages in this article entitled “22 Delightful Ways to Say Thank You!” on Inspiring Generosity.

Finally, be aware also that the timing of sending your thanks always matters a lot. It’s best to thank someone the soonest chance you can get. The person will appreciate it best when expressed right away.

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