30 Day Trial: Building Language Awareness

I curse a shit ton. There I said it. It’s not a habit I’m particularly proud of, but my potty mouth has been a part of who I am for quite sometime. Whether it’s me littering my everyday conversation with words not allowed in church, or commanding my friends to kiss my ass, cursing plays a sizable role in my everyday life. Being a generally happy person, most of my profanities are in playful jest, however there are rare occasions where I let the words fly with every intention of causing harm. Having thought a great deal about language and its impact I’ve come up with the perfect 30 day trial.  For the next month I will do my best to refrain from using any profanities at all.

Who Gives A Shit?

To some, giving up cursing may seem like a ‘childish’ pursuit, after all they are just words. But for me it goes beyond not cursing. I want to clarify that I’m not cleaning up my language for some spiritual or religious reason (although I do hope it will help strengthen my spiritual life). Instead, I’m kicking off this trial in hopes of raising awareness of the affect of the language we use in our lives. Secondly, I am well aware there are some amazing people out there who have a reputation for having a foul mouth (a certain life coach even comes to mind). This experiment has nothing to do creating a “clean image” but instead simply help me to become more aware of the language I use. I’m hoping the next 30 days will reveal a great deal about the person I am.

What I Hope To Accomplish

Build Awareness: I’ve always been fascinated with how language affects our daily interactions. If you consistently use negative language you generally become a negative person. That isn’t to say language DEFINES who we are, but it definitely has an impact on our emotions and our overall vibe. Because I will be consciously choosing the words I say, I will also be likely notice some of the negative thoughts that might creep into my head. I will also be more likely to notice some of the more positive thoughts that also pop into my head throughout the day. Build Self Control: While I hope to refrain from cursing completely, I’m realistic enough to know there could be some major slippage here and there. I’m well aware it will take quite a bit of effort to keep my language PG especially since I’m conditioned to use language heard in things rated R. I’m always up for developing self control, so learning to watch my language is a simple and straight forward way to do so. I have informed my friends to call me out anytime I do slip up to further encourage me to take notice of the words I use. Does Cursing Make You Miserable? One thing I’m particularly interested in is whether or not cursing affects my happiness or lack of. Does cursing (even in good jest) negatively impact my daily emotions? Or does it not do any harm? I’ll be paying specific attention to my mood for the next 30 days to see if I see any obvious results. Obviously there may be other factors which contribute to my happiness levels, but I’ll keep a close eye on the impact my diction choice may have. Will I Be Less Funny? Some may argue I lack humor even when I do rely on the crutch of a naughty word, but for me, I feel most humorous when I throw in an F-bomb here and there. It will be interesting to see how much my humor suffers over the next few couple of weeks. Telling people to kiss my butt just isn’t as fun. 🙁 Social Interactions: I am also intrigued to see how giving up profanity will affect my relationships. Will my conversations carry a more serious tone? Will I be less likely to crack an immature joke now that I can’t use forbidden words? Will I be seen as more mature than normal? Ask any of my friends, and you’d quickly discover I routinely go on random tangents about the existence of life. And what is the existence of life if it doesn’t involve the words “shit ton” or “badass?”

Join Me In Building Language Awareness

For the next 30 days I challenge you to become more aware of the language you use everyday. I’m not even asking for you to give up saying your favorite words. All I ask is that you make the conscious effort to notice your daily vocabulary you use in every day conversation. Simply taking the time to become aware of the words you use is a powerful exercise that will surely hold some insight on the person you express on a regular basis. I know the next 30 days will be a wonderful growth opportunity for me…even if I can’t use combinations of words straight out of the sailors dictionary. I hope you choose to join me. Editors note: For the record, the profanities I used in this post don’t count.

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