How I Left the Rat Race (And You Can Too)

I’m a 20 year old college drop-out expected to make around $15,000 this month. There, I said it. I wanted to get all the ego bullsh*t out of the way so we can get onto the real content. This is not a post for me to brag, far from it. Instead, it is a post to help people see what is possible, and hopefully allow you to follow in my footsteps. What I’m going to share with you today is a guide that my best (real life) friends have used to add hundreds of dollars per month to their income. Online strangers have used this guide to feed their families and anyone who follows it can apply the steps to help them leave the rat race.

My Quick, Personal Story

I have been looking for ways to make money for as long as I can remember. For some reason, probably the child in me, I have always had this feeling that I will become a millionaire (not that this really matters to me). I remember building my first website when I was 15 about computer tips; I added a link to Paypal so that people could pay me and the idea was that I would give them access to my other articles. I sat back and waited to get rich. I told all my friends and family that I would never need a job because I had found my income solution. Of course, nothing happened. Nobody came to the site and even if they did, the awful design would have probably turned them away. Over the next 4 years I honed my skills, I got my name out there and I (or should I say, my website) was featured in the book DJ’ing for Dummies. I was also featured on 9 of the top 100 blogs in the world according to Technorati; all of this happening before I even had the idea to build PluginID. In those 4 years I built so many disastrous websites that it would be nothing short of embarrassing to go back over my list and see what I created. Yet, through trial and a lot of error, I was able to quit my day job in January of this year. The job that I quit, by the way, was a dream job for me. A job that I had quit college for and moved across the world for. Still, no matter how amazing a job may seem, I still don’t think anything can beat being your own boss.

How Did I Do It?

In order to land my dream job, I have already shared the principles that took me from an average Joe to an expert in my industry. Quitting my job to work for myself is something completely different though. It would be obvious for me to share principles such as “work hard”, “stay positive” and “don’t give up” but that still doesn’t help you achieve a boss-free life. You need to be motivated and you need to know what you’re going to do to provide you with an income. There is just one thing that I can credit my success in this area: having a burning desire to leave the rat race. That’s it. I had a strong passion to work for myself, to work my own hours and be in an industry where there are an abundance of people my age and even younger making 5 figures every single month. If you can get this drive to succeed in any area of your life, then the sky really is the limit. It then helps to have an idea of what you want to do, but if you can grow your desire enough, you’ll literally start seeking out ideas and alternatives naturally. My actual income, if you haven’t guessed already, all comes via the internet. I get funds wired to my bank account and regularly receive checks from companies like Google, Clickbank and others. I make money online, but I do feel a bit uneasy about helping others do the same. There is a good reason for that though…

The ‘Make Money Online’ Industry is a Scam

I had hesitated to write this post, simply because people telling others how to make money online is usually thought of as something slimy and unethical. It’s quite ironic that one of the best ways to make money online is to teach others how to make money online. This is why there are literally thousands of bloggers telling you how to do it, even though they don’t do it themselves. The industry, in general, is very devious. Even when I started writing a genuine guide for my friends, they would always email me or message me on Facebook with the link to the latest fad asking if it would work. Even though I was putting together this no-nonsense guide for them, they were still curious about whether these “overnight riches” systems would help them succeed. I mean, after-all, they have screenshots and video proof. (Sarcasm) There are some good guides out there, but I have no doubt that they are in the minority. I have been in this industry for four years and rarely come across something I want to purchase or would recommend to others. In general, the make money online industry is a scam.

My Guide Is Not

There were months in South Africa where I was making far more money working a couple of hours per week on my own projects than I was in my full-time job. One day a colleague was sitting next to me while I was showing them something on my laptop and I was literally getting a flood of new emails from Paypal, my payment processor. The subject title’s read: “New payment received”, “New payment received”, “New payment received” – they just wouldn’t stop coming in. I had earned about $250 in the space of 10 minutes; even while I was working on my normal job. Of course, my colleague started asking me lots of questions and I promised them that one day I would write a guide on what I do. I was slow on the uptake, but this guide was finally finished about three weeks ago. I didn’t want to post about it here until I knew it was complete and people made money… …and trust me; people made money. My guide was a hands-on case study of myself taking a brand new website from scratch, and laying down all the details of how I was going to make money with it. In 30 days of the live case study, which includes videos, thousands of words and detailed images, I made $850. I wasn’t the only one though, I received dozens of thank you emails from people who followed the guide and started making cash…

“Can I Trust You?”

My obvious response to that would be “Yes”, but I’m actually saying no. Don’t trust me. Instead, let the results and my guide speak for themselves. The guide in total comprises of 11 parts and it will take you around 2 hours to go through everything. I reveal my website and the exact steps I take to make money online. I perform the same tactics that are shared in the guide across a large number of industries, and that is why I was able to quit my day job. This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme; successful ones simply don’t exist. I do however, honestly believe that with around 4-5 hours of solid work, you can make your first $100 this month online. This is all completely legitimate and the finer details are all explained on the site. At the bottom of each post there is a link to the next section and they all follow on from each other in the order they should be actioned. The maximum investment you will need to make is $5 per month for a host and maybe $9 (one-off payment) for a domain. If you already have hosting and a domain you want to use then you can follow the guide without having to make an investment. And, just to clear a few things up:
  • You do not need any technical skills, this is written for a complete beginner
  • As long as you can edit a text file on your PC, you can follow this guide
  • I put this guide together for my close friends, it wasn’t originally supposed to be promoted
If you have any questions about any part of the guide, please ask over on HQHow. I recommend that you start at part one and then follow along. You don’t have to take action, but I honestly believe this is one of the best guides on the internet for beginners, and it is absolutely free.  

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