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I’d like to thank everyone who’s been following this blog for quite some time now. Your comments and insights have been engaging, and I hope you keep them coming. In fact, this time, you’ll find not my own writing, but something that’s by one of Plugin ID’s readers, M. Farouk Radwan. If you’re lacking some inspiration and direction right now, this article will give you a jumpstart.   Just like a car needs fuel to run, a human being needs motivation in order to pursue his goals. Many people fail to get what they want in life either because they don’t have enough motivation to pursue their goals or because they don’t understand motivation correctly. In this post, I will tell you about some ways to motivate yourself so you can reach your goals easily. 1)      Understand the real reasons behind your lack of motivationSome people lack motivation, because they are afraid! Those who don’t have high self-esteem, those who are afraid of success, and those who are afraid of failure usually find themselves lacking motivation without knowing that their fears are the main reason behind this need. If you are among any of these groups, then it’s time to be brave enough to admit that the problem is in being afraid and not in lacking motivation. 2)      Do you trust the plan? Indifference happens when the person believes that the plan he is working on is never going to work. Indifference is one form of loss of hope and a sign of lack of trust in the plan a person is following. This means that, unless you trust the plan you are following, you will never get motivated. If you find yourself feeling indifferent, then either change your plan or collect more data that can help you believe in it. 3)      Moving without fuel. Many people don’t realize the fact that those who get what they want don’t always feel motivated, but just keep going even if they don’t feel like it. Procrastinators don’t understand this fact, and that’s why they keep waiting for the right time or the right mood. If you want to reach your goals, then you must keep moving forward even if you are not motivated. 4)      Find a motivating external source.  Music, movies, poems, stories, and quotes can all be sources of external motivation. Find out the right ones that can give you a push, and get yourself exposed to them often.  Some people say that motivation comes from within. That’s right, but, sometimes, you need an external source to trigger your internal motivation and to bring it to the surface. 5)      Are you moving in the right direction? Some people move in certain directions in life, just because everyone else is moving in the same direction. The right thing to do is to follow your passion and to do the things that you really love, disregarding the pressure coming from the outside. Once you do this, you will find yourself motivated like never before.

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