My Thoughts After Meeting with Longtime Friends

I met with my longtime friends last week. While we’ve constantly kept in touch, it’s been the first time we got together again for dinner after about 5 years. One of our friends has been living overseas for quite some time now and was visiting the country with her husband and son. We’ve known each other for at least 15 years. We used to go out almost every week – have dinner and go to a music bar or to whatever after-dinner venue we could think of. We were all single then. But as the years went by, one by one, all of us in the group got married. Schedules and priorities changed. The weekly nights out became more and more infrequent. But we’ve stayed connected somehow through business-related activities, personal favors, children’s parties, Facebook, etc. It was, of course, a happy reunion. No surprise about that. But there also wasn’t any doubt that everything and everyone’s changed. Everyone’s more mature; and it’s not just about life years. Each of us had more responsibilities in life since we were all married and have kids now. And everyone seems to be fulfilled and looking forward to the future. After a few minutes spent on catching up about everyone’s occupations and other happenings, the rest of the evening was spent on talking about our kids, their education, and their habits. It was like reading an issue of Parents magazine. I thought smilingly how we’ve changed. During the first years we’ve known each other… … we were just so concerned about who we’re seeing, who we wanted to date, and so on. Sometimes, one of us would spill out about a heartbreak and how the world seemed to be coming to an end. But it’s 2012 now, and the earth’s still revolving. And we’re all glad that it is. Otherwise, we would have missed that scene of us seeing each other happy with our own families. Too bad we couldn’t stay up longer that night, because we’ve got kids to take care of. As I was going home from that dinner… … I realized that while we all have changed, part of us have remained the same. We may have different jobs and priorities now, but the comfort, sincerity, support, sense of humor, and everything else that bonded us were still there. And I guess that’s what makes friendships timeless and priceless. I’ve become more convinced that among the two constant things in life that I should be thankful for are changes and good friends. At first, you might not think that they go together, but I think they do. As long as I keep in mind their value in life, they both can make me feel more fulfilled and happier, among many other things. “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather, it is one of those things that give value to survival.” – C. S. Lewis Have you met with your longtime friends lately? How did it go? Any interesting insights about the friendships you’ve kept through the years?

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