Never Too Early for a Good Deed

When I decided to have more positivity in life, one of the things I started doing was having a specific positive thought when I get up in the morning. I believe that if you start the day with a concrete positive thought, there’s a big chance that the rest of the day will be a pleasant and productive one even if you encounter some glitches here and there. This morning, I woke up with my toddler sleeping soundly beside me. I then remembered that she asked if she could sleep with me and my husband on the bed the night before. I then began recalling the funny words she coins and how she loves everything I cook for her. I got up with a smile, thinking of the things I need to write for the day and of the muffins I’ll make later in the day for my little girl and my husband. There are other ways you can do if you want to have better mornings. Think about your goals, your interests, and your lifestyle. Here’s another idea, a stricter process on how to put yourself on the right track at the very start of the day – How to change your life before breakfast.

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