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We’ve put together this automated script which tracks the top blogs in the personal development industry by Google PR, Technorati and Alexa ratings. For more info on how the scoring works please view the information at the bottom of this page.

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It has taken a lot of work to put together this list of sites (which is now automated) so we would appreciate you sharing the love by:
  • Blogging about the page
  • Giving us a link-back in your blog sidebar
  • Twittering the URL
  • …any other ways you can think of
Want to be included? If you write in the personal development on a regular basis and have an alexa rank of less than 1,000,000 then feel free to send your website and title to [email protected] How the ranking works Overall, we look for the lowest score possible by giving a certain value to Google PR. For example, the lower an alexa score the more traffic the site gets, and the lower a technorati score the more links it has. However, the higher the PR of the site the better. Therefore, we assigned a value to each PR so PR 10 = 0, PR 9 = 1,000 and so on. Therefore if two sites have the same Alexa & Technorati, then the site with the highest PR will rank first. We hope you enjoy the list, and thanks for stopping by.

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