Do You Make This Vital Personal Growth Mistake?

I’m currently working to improve many aspects of my life, from my income and my health to things like my level of peace and even my writing ability. I’m sure that if you’re a regular reader of this site, there are also areas of your life that you are working to improve as well. This site is, of course, about Personal Development / Growth, so today I wanted to touch upon a vital mistake you might already be making that is hindering your potential. A mistake that could cost you dearly in the long run as the results aren’t always irreversible.  

The Mistake

The mistake is actually very common, so if you realise you’ve been making it, don’t panic. Your realisation is the most important step. This mistake is something I had been making up until I had to spend 5 days in a hospital bed in a foreign country which really gave me a wakeup call. The mistake is this: living in reaction rather than living proactively. Let me give you some examples… Proactive would be looking to increase your sufficient income to something greater, rather than having a financial crisis occur and leave you scrounging around for cash (reactive). Proactive would be eating healthily and staying in shape, rather than needing a doctor to tell you your health is deteriorating quickly and using that as motivation to get fit (reactive). Proactive would be learning how to stay positive and control your emotions, rather than allowing an emotionally charged event like divorce or something else to literally tear you apart (reactive). This isn’t about preparing for negativity in the future, this is about working on areas of life that are important to you, some of which we don’t realise till it’s too late.

Rectifying the Mistake

Hopefully the examples above have opened your eyes to some areas of your life where you may be totally living in reaction, or at least in the perfect position for disaster to happen. It wasn’t until I finished my second year of college that I realised I had just wasted 2 years doing courses I really couldn’t stand. Thankfully, I didn’t decide to say on for a third year, I moved across the world in pursuit of my dream job and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Know the Most Important Aspects of Your Life – For me, the most important aspects of my life right now are health, confidence and income. To you it might be some of the same or include the likes of learning a new skill or even becoming fluent in a new language. Everyone’s answers will be different, but as long as you know what is important to you, that is the main thing. Work Out How You’ll Improve – Now that you know what is important to you, it’s important to know how you’ll work on that area. My health is important to me so I realised that I need to start eating a better diet and start going to the gym. I also want to improve my finances so I’ve been looking for new ways to expand on my current income. Decide what it is that you want to improve on, and outline exactly how you’ll improve in this area. Allocate Time to Get Things Done – If you just hope that certain items or events will just ‘fit’ into your schedule then you’ll get a harsh surprise somewhere along the line. It takes around 3-4 weeks for an action to become a natural habit, so allocate some space each day or at a certain time of the week to work on each of the items in your list. I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and make sure that on Wednesdays I don’t work out my legs as I have public speaking classes on the same day – I tend to need a big rest after leg workouts. Do you make this crucial mistake? How are you going to live more proactively? Some people are not as fortunate in that they don’t even get the opportunity to decide what areas of their life they want to work on. Whether it be a terminal illness or an emotional situation that has led to suicide, for some it is ‘too late’. Don’t wait for life to come to you, it never will; you must make things happen yourself.

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