Simple Ways to a Simpler Life

I’ve been talking about changes in my recent posts. And it just crossed my mind that you might be thinking that you need to do big things to have a bit of a change in your life – to feel a little better. But there are some simple things you can do to improve your life, especially if what you want is for your days to be less complicated. I, for one, have done simple things like de-cluttering my cabinets and shelves and giving away things I don’t need. I’ve also started to be more conscious of my family’s use of electricity. They are basic things that we usually take for granted, but doing them made me feel I was doing something beneficial to myself and to others. If you like more concrete examples of simple ways to simply your life, Goodlife Zen has a short list that you can instantly do – Lifestyle Makeover: How to Simplify Your life in 5 Easy Steps.

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