Take The First Step

Lately I’ve been lying in my bed staying up late just thinking about the concept of success. What makes a person successful? What separates the big boys from the wannabes?  Is there a ‘formula’ to creating the life that you desire? Pondering these questions has literally made my head spin, OK maybe not literally but you get the point. Success obviously means different things to different people  but the purpose of today isn’t to define success, I’ll save that for a later blog post.  The grounds of todays post is to explore what it is that allows people to thrive in all areas of their life.

The “Secret” To Success

I told myself I’d avoid using the word “secret” today, as I’m hesitant to use a word that holds such a misleading connotation, but for todays specific occasion I think I’ll make an exception. Ready? The formula and secret to success is this:  Initiative wins the race. Before you roll your eyes and exclaim I stated the obvious, ask yourself “Am I taking initiative right now?” Odds are, you’re not taking as much as you should be. In essence taking initiative means to take full responsibility for your current reality. If you want better relationships it’s up to you to create them. Want a healthier and sexier body? Those exercises don’t do themselves. Want to experience financial abundance? It’s up to you to create and market value. Any shortage in your life is simply the result of a lack of initiative. While taking initiative  may seem too simple to be the illusive secret to success, I assure you it has worked for myself and millions of others.

The Belief of Entitlement and The Problem With Not Moving

So many people desire  success yet so few are willing to put in the work. I can’t tell you how many people I know that  feel that they are “entitled” to success just by being themselves. And while I honestly believe anyone can achieve prosperity  it doesn’t just happen overnight. Success rarely just falls into your lap. Creating the life you want takes effort. I like to look at  action as the world’s greatest currency. The more action you take the more opportunity you have. If you sit on your butt and do nothing your bank account will eventually run out (in more ways than one). The great thing about the Bank of Action is that it has unlimited funds, the only requirement is that you  move. Any area in which you lack you’re responsible to change. Taking initiative doesn’t mean you can’t be content with the present moment, rather when you take initiative you’re being grateful for the opportunities in your life. I used to think that I was “owed” success just for being myself, and when I held that mindset I constantly found myself unhappy. We enjoy success because of the work we  put in to  reach it. An easy victory rarely stays on the front of our mind, but when we win a battle through blood sweat and tears that journey remains forever ingrained in our heart. When you sit back and wait for everything to fall into place you’re letting the world pass by. Lack of experiences occur from laziness.

Initiative Wins The Race

While growing up I rarely took initiative. I always relied on the effort of someone else.  I wanted to be a good runner without training hard. I wanted to get good grades, but I’d instead sleep in class. It took me a while before I realized how much power I was giving away. It wasn’t until I started blogging that I began to see how powerful taking initiative really is. I even notice the power of ambition in college.  Three of my good buddies are tearing up the photography world because they are out there putting in the work that others are not. It’s absolutely amazing what you can accomplish when you accept that you are fully responsible for your life. It was because I took initiative and began connecting with personal development bloggers that I was able to become the main writer behind this site. It was because I took initiative that I was able to co-author Reality Switch. It was because I took  initiative I’m able to share my passion for writing with thousands of people each day. I’m not saying this to brag but rather show the possibilities of what is possible if you have a desire. If I can do all this at 18 I know you can just as easily pursue your dreams as well. Want to become an amazing writer? Connect with your favorite authors online and write everyday.  Want to be the next best chef? Put  the time in to learn how to cook. The only thing between your dreams and you is initiative. The amount of resources we posses is extraordinary, deeming our once valid excuses worthless. With social media and information online you literally have the world at your finger tips. As you begin to take more initiative you may notice how amazing it feels to be the creator of your reality. Follow that feeling. 🙂

Take The First Step

If you’re looking to change your life all you must do is take the first step. The path won’t always be smooth, but it’s better than doing nothing and sitting on your ass. Tell that girl you think she’s cute. Go the extra mile for your project at work. Step outside your comfort zone and show that you’re ready to receive. Take the first step, for only then will you begin to succeed. Note: If you’re looking to learn the ins and outs of making money online I invite you to join the hundreds of others who have taken initiative here.

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