Thankful Thoughts About Finances

Paying bills and buying basic necessities. They are among our usual causes for worry, tension, and other negative emotions on a day-to-day basis. The unfavorable bit of reality is that the economic problems across the globe seem to be staying for at least the next couple of years. But, believe it or not, we can do something so that spending money won’t be such a gloomy concept. The Butler Project website mentions in one of its articles financial guru Suze Orman’s suggestion about paying your bills “with gratitude” and about seeing abundance that you haven’t noticed before. And I found myself laughing (and grateful, of course) that I chanced upon that article the same day I got my credit card bill. It gave me the nudge I needed to stop me from having negative and useless thoughts. So I’m sharing with you the full article entitled With Gratitude, Fear Disappears. Hope it will help you to be more thankful today.

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