The Importance of Play in Life

Ben Michaels, Ph. D. wrote this in his column on Huffington Post entitled, “The Four-Letter Word That Will Change Your Life”: “I’ve met people who wouldn’t send their children to a school that lacked an arts program, yet they never even consider that they themselves should be spending time playing and imagining. How does something that is so vital at one point in life suddenly become irrelevant at another?” We laugh at the seemingly ridiculous nature of this case. But actually, it isn’t a rare issue. In fact, we may be laughing, because we see a similar attitude in us or someone that we know. We do have to face the fact, though, that knowing how to “play” is an important part of life, not just for kids but for people of all ages. To have a clearer view about “playtime” in your life, read the whole article on Ben Michaelis, Ph.D.: The Four-Letter Word That Will Change Your Life.

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