How to Transform Your Life in Less than 30 Minutes

We hear it all the time don’t we…transform your life, reinvent yourself, unleash your power or even ‘awaken your giant’ if you’re familiar with Tony Robbins. But what exactly does it mean? What does it mean to transform your life? To me transforming your life is simply this: completely changing what you’re doing now and completely changing the results you’re getting. That’s it, and based on that principle it’s not hard to see how a few simple steps outlined below can dramatically change your experience on this beautiful planet. Why 30 minutes? Why not 60? Why not a day? To be honest with you all, you could probably complete the steps below in about 15 minutes. However, to make up for the people who may take a little longer I say you’ll need about 25-30. There’s just one more thing. You need to read every word in this post to understand the message I’m getting across (especially at the end) and actually get the results that the title promises. Give yourself a chance to give me a chance, and you’ll reap the rewards. STEP ONE: Write Down Every Goal, Big or Small (0-5 Minutes) If you were rushed into hospital today for whatever reason and told you only had 24 hours of good health left, I’m sure you could come up with some ideas on how you would use that time. Personally, one of my items would be writing the best blog post of my life. Seriously, I even know what the title would be. In this first step, you need to write down all the life goals that you would like to accomplish, whether they are as large as becoming a millionaire or as small as showing gratitude, write them down. Some ideas to start you off may include:
  • Swimming with Dolphins
  • Flying in a helicopter
  • Visiting the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls
  • Dining out at an underwater restaurant
Whatever comes to mind, write it down. I wouldn’t spend too long on this; if your list starts getting closer to 100 than it is to 0 then you definitely have enough items written down. STEP TWO: List Your Items in Order of Priority (0 – 5 Minutes) Put simply, the next step is to take the items you’ve wrote down for step one and put them in order of importance to you. Which would you like to complete first, which would mean more to you than the others? This might be challenging but deep down you should know which points hold the most value to you. My own list includes some of the following:
  • Build PluginID to become one of the biggest blogs in the world
  • Travel around Europe with no map and no specific plans
  • Build a school or social club in a poor country that helps children
  • Give a speech to a large audience
  • See the Northern lights in Alaska
Some of your points may need another to be completed before they are possible. So for example, I need to make a good amount of regular income online before I can travel Europe and go where I want. If that is the case, list the task that needs to precede the others first. STEP THREE: Write Down Basic Action Points for the Top 5 (0 – 10 Minutes) This doesn’t have to be detailed, but for the top 3-5 items on your list, write down some action points that would help you get there. In regards to building PluginID, my action points might be:
  • Write more guest posts on other blogs
  • Increase activity on the top social media sites
  • Write high quality content on a regular basis
Just some simple points that don’t have to be very specific, just so you know what steps you would take. STEP FOUR: Put them Online (0 – 3 Minutes) This step is fairly painless and straight forward. Now that you have everything written down, put it online somewhere. The reason for this is that you can look at your goals wherever you are in the world, and it’s unlikely that you’re going to lose the list (something very easily done if you’ve wrote it on paper). You don’t have to do this right now but definitely do it at some point, I recommend using the likes of Scribd or Google Docs to do this. If you want to keep them private then use Google Docs, or make sure you change the privacy settings on Scribd or whichever service you use. STEP FIVE: Start with Number One (0 – Lifetime?) That’s it, seriously. This is the most important thing to you in your life right now. Of all the other things you would like to achieve, this is at the top of your list. If you are wondering why life isn’t working in your favour, it’s because you aren’t starting on number one. If you’re wondering what your purpose in life is, then you haven’t started on number one. I’m not saying the first point is what you should be doing for the rest of your life, but from starting here the doors will open to wherever you are supposed to be next on your personal mission. I’m working on number one right now by writing this blog post, it may not be my ‘destiny’ in life, but it’s a goal with the highest priority to me and therefore I’m working on it. There’s nothing more productive you can be doing with your time, really.

What this Means

This is a simple exercise and I feared that because of the simplicity people might not understand the importance of the message here. That’s exactly why I bolded the part saying you should read every word in this post. If you have, then “Hi!”, congratulations for sticking it out. But what is this all about, what does it mean?
  • You’ve found out exactly what matters to you most in life right NOW
  • – It might not matter in a day, a week or a month, but right NOW this is your purpose
  • You have no excuses not to follow this out and change your life for the better
  • You can wake up every morning ready to fulfil goals that matter to you
That’s it. No more excuses. You know what matters, it’s laid out in front of you and you have some basic action points to help you on your way. If you need to wake up earlier to accommodate your efforts or you need to do research before you can start then go and do just that. To you, right now, number one is where you should be heading, and then move down the list. It may change, but when it does, you’ll already be changing with it. What was your number one?

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