Want a More Harmonious Relationship? Try Appreciation

“… A successful relationship doesn’t just depend on how partners divide labor, but on how they each express gratitude for the labor the other one contributes.” I read this on UC Berkeley’s Greater Good website, and I think this is true. “Unfair” is a common word that comes up in failing or failed relationships. At least one party feels that he or she has done so much more for the relationship than the other. And it’s usually because there’s one basic thing that’s forgotten – showing appreciation for each other. You’d even notice that this doesn’t ring true only for marriages or personal ties. This can also apply to your relationships with work colleagues, members of your civic organization, and others. Appreciating people and what they do can play a big role in having a lasting relationship for a married couple and a productive one for teams in the workplace. The article I’ve read, “Love, Honor and Thank,” talks about “personal thresholds,” “economy of gratitude,” and more concepts that can help you understand better how to express deep gratitude to others. Click here to read the full article.

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