What is my Purpose in Life?

This is not the typical personal development post because it deals with questions that are fundamental to achieving true and lasting happiness. Most people who claim to be plugging into their identity have not answered these most basic questions. They do not have clarity of purpose and without that, one can never achieve what I call, being fully alive.

It Always Starts with Your Thoughts

If you are going to do anything worthwhile in life, you must start by changing your thinking. You must answer some very basic questions about what I like to call ultimate questions. Ultimate questions are philosophical in nature and I propose that all people, not just philosophers, need to ask and then answer them. They are questions that every scientist must answer before beginning the work of discovery. They give us a framework from which to unlock the secrets of the world in which we live. These ultimate questions start with the most fundamental and move to questions of a more practical nature, “does anything exist”, “do I/you exist”, and “are there any absolute truths.” If we are to develop in our humanity and become “fully alive”, then we must first ask ourselves what we believe about ourselves, our world and our place in it. Many may believe that these questions are solely the domain of philosophers, and again, I would strongly disagree.

Philosophy… Who Needs It?

You see, all of us go through life operating under a particular philosophy whether we know it or not. You cannot do anything without it. What do I mean by the statement, “we all live by a particular philosophy?” Well, we all make some basic assumptions about our world and ourselves. We assume that when we wake up in the morning and stand on our floors that we will not fall through them, even if we don’t know why. We believe that things exist. It would be absurd to carry on conversations with people we didn’t think were really there. We also believe that things exist in the same way for everyone. We wouldn’t want to put ourselves in danger by driving down a road that we thought might not be fixed in time and space or may not exist in the same way for all of the other drivers. We know that there are physical laws that govern the universe and we all rely upon them to live in it. We all feel the effects of gravity and are certain that we will not float up into the atmosphere as if there were no gravity. Even the simplest animals understand this, if only instinctively. I believe that everyone to this point would agree with me. Stay with me now as I delve into an area that many will find very challenging.

The Ultimate, Ultimate Question

What is my Ultimate Purpose? No, I didn’t accidentally type the word Ultimate twice in the heading above. I mean the ultimate question that trumps all others. That is, the first and most important ultimate question we must answer so that it is first and foremost in our minds is, “what is my highest ideal or most important goal and why?” It could also be called an ultimate purpose. What is it? Is it making huge piles of money so that I can live the life of my dreams, have anything I want and go anywhere I want to? Is it to be famous and loved by millions of people? Is it to help the most people or do the most good I can do while I am here on this earth? What is your ultimate purpose in life? Can you answer that question without a hint of doubt? Can you be absolutely certain that it is the right answer? Absolutely! You can because of who you are. We are all called to answer that question unequivocally – without wavering. Without answering this question we tend to go through life without a rudder. There is an old saying that goes like this, “if you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything.” I would love to see you answer that question for yourselves in the comments. This is not an easy task and it will require much thought and above all, prayer.

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