Why I Started Blogging And How It Has Changed My Life

Having been nearly a month and a half since I became the main writer behind PluginID, I’d just like to take a moment and say thank you for giving me a chance. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to share my writing with thousands of people all around the world. Although I’ve had the opportunity to write several posts a week, I’ve yet to share much of my ‘story’ so to speak. Today I’d like to take the time to tell with you why I began blogging and my future aspirations.

A Way To Find Myself

I often receive many emails asking why I started to blog, and to be perfectly honest the answer isn’t particularly simple. While I have always dreamed of making a difference by writing, to say that was the entire reason I began blogging would be a flat out lie. The truth is, when I began blogging, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or how I was going to do it, I just knew that I was tired of existing. For those of you that have been following my story for a while, you may know that the death of my best friend in high school changed my life forever. And although it has almost two years since I witnessed my friend pass away on the beaches of Hainan, not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. His passion for life continues to live on in every word I write. I say this not to gain attention but rather to show that even in the darkest of situations there is light. His death, as tragic as it was, woke me up to the fact that our gifts aren’t meant to go unshared and for that to happen we have to take a leap of faith. Putting my words online and sharing my insights with the world was my leap of faith; and no doubt doing so has been a scary yet fulfilling process, one that I’m still getting used to. But it was also something I knew I had to do after realizing that our time on earth isn’t guaranteed. Quite simply: I began blogging as a way to find myself when I had no idea who the hell I was or who I wanted to be.

A Journey Within

I’ve been blogging for nearly two years now with most of my hours coming at my old blog A Boundless World. And to be honest, I don’t think people realize how powerful blogging can be, not only from a financial standpoint but also as a source of personal growth. The amount I’ve grown of the past few years is staggering. In just 24 months I’ve made countless friends, drastically improved my writing, and learned the importance of chasing your dreams. I can say without hesitation that blogging has transformed my life in ways I can’t even comprehend, ways that have forever changed the way I view the world. Stepping on the path of personal growth hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Part of the personal growth path requires taking a hard look at yourself, which isn’t always easy to do. I’ve gone to battle with myself numerous times often coming out on the losing end, but I always get back up and try again. Blogging about has given me the chance to find myself through words. Sometimes people hold the impression that because I write about personal development I have life completely figured out. When I hear that I can’t help but chuckle. While I’ve obviously worked diligently on making myself a better person, the fact remains I’m not superman. At times I’m vulnerable, and at times I regress more than I care to admit. Quite frankly, I often fuck up. I believe that my imperfections are what allow me to write about personal development in such an honest and sincere manner. You will never find me writing about topics that I have no experience with. I may not have a problem with pushing boundaries and causing conversation but in no way am I infallible. I have found that through introspection I’ve learned to live a healthier and more positive life and blogging has given me the opportunity to look inside myself.

Future Aspirations

I don’t often publicly state my intentions, but for the sake of being transparent, I’ll make an exception. What does a 18 year kid want to do with his life? I want to become a renowned public speaker and author, only working for as long as I can provide substantial value. I want to be able to live anywhere I please, while being free to connect with people who want to make a difference. I want to be remembered as a person who chose value and relationships over the false security of money. I want to create numerous brands and organizations that live long after I die. I want to positively affect the lives millions of people all around the world. I want to build several schools in poor nations with Glen: especially in the nations of the Philippines and Vietnam. I want to continue to live and grow and be able to proudly boast the saying “he lived” on my grave. My wants and desires mean nothing without action and I know I’ll need help along the way. Here’s to making our dreams come true.

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