Where Were You A Year Ago?

My guess is because you’re reading this blog you’re at least somewhat interested in personal development. Because personal development is different for everyone, your reason for being here is probably unlike that of the other thousands of readers of the site. Perhaps you’re interested in personal development to be more productive. Or maybe you’re hoping to better your relationships so that they empower you rather than tear you down. You may simply be looking for motivation to get you through a a rough patch of your life. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say we all have areas we can work on.

Taking Time To Reflect

One of my favorite things to do is take a bit of time to look back at where I was in my life a year ago. Often times, we get so caught up in growth that we forget how far we’ve really come. It’s important to celebrate our success. Because blogging involves a great deal of writing, I often go back and read my thoughts and feelings of the past, hoping to get a glimpse of my mindset on a particular day. I recently took the time to do so, and was astounded by how much I’ve changed within the last year. Over the year, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of confidence, and would like to think I’m a more kind and gentle human being. It’s a great feeling to look back and see the progress I’ve made. Within in the last year I’ve: Moved back from Shanghai to Missouri to attend University. Released an Reality Switch with Glen Allsop Became the main writer of PluginID Successfully completed my first year at college (OK so it depends on who you ask 😉 Attended a Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas. I’m not saying all this not to brag, but to simply show what’s possible in a year. If you were to make a list, I’m certain it would be just as impressive. All too often, in order to sabotage ourselves, we pretend that the past doesn’t matter, that our good deeds mean nothing. But in reality the past does play a role in who we are. Your success and failures brought you here today. Obviously, it’s important to not let your failures prevent you from painting a masterpiece today, but you can always learn from your mistakes. Perspective is a powerful tool.

Where Were You A Year Ago?

Today’s post may be a bit unusual, as the message of this post won’t come from the words I write, but instead from your own reflection. I shared with you some of the experiences I’ve had within the past year to show you briefly how my world has changed. But this post isn’t about how much progress I’ve made. It’s about how much progress you have made. I would like you to take the next 30 minutes and reflect on where you were a year ago today. What were you doing? How did you feel about life? Were you healthier than you were now? Did you enjoy your work as much as you do now? Were you excited about the future? Where did you see yourself a year ago, and how close are you to that vision now? Take note of your strengths of the past. Are you still as compassionate with your kids? Do you still give your spouse the attention they need and deserve? Become aware of the areas you still need to work on. Are your eating habits still as destructive as they were before? Do you still not get as much rest as you need? Are you still going to work for a job you dislike? The past is your greatest teacher.

Moving Foward

Personal growth is about moving forward, but sometimes moving forward requires taking a few steps back. A year from now you will have the opportunity to look back at this very moment and smile at how much you’ve progressed. A year is a long time. Have you taken a step forward? Stood still? Taken a few steps back? I’d love to hear about your progress and setbacks you’ve had over the last year. What have you learned? What can you now do differently? More importantly, where will you be a year from today?

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