10 Things You Are Not

This site is all about plugging into your true identity, finding happiness in everyday life and being the person you want to be. To help with that mission, I wanted to point out all the things that we are not, fight club style. Don’t think of this as me wanting to bring negativity into your day, it is more a list that will help to bring a clearer understanding of identity. I’m simply stating that all the things you think make up who you are, really don’t.

10 Things You are Not

  1. You are not the clothes in your wardrobe
  2. You are not the car you drive
  3. You are not what people criticize about you
  4. You are not what people praise about you
  5. You are not the size of your bank balance
  6. You are not your job
  7. You are not the countries you’ve visited
  8. You are not the people you know
  9. You are not your career
  10. You are not your mind
If you think your identity is based around and of these, then you are unplugged. There is no harm in wanting to drive a nice car or make a decent salary, but if you are basing your sense of self from them then you are not plugged into your identity. All these things make up your external identity, your true identity is your core identity, who you really are. In this mode you are also likely to seek validation from others to ensure all these things are ‘good’ to have and that people think more of you for them. In this mode or mindset you are also constantly looking for more to increase your status and you are probably left feeling like something is lacking, a feeling of that can only be described as…unfulfilled. I believe true happiness can be found within, as that is the only place happiness comes from anyway. You shouldn’t look for possessions to bring enjoyment and pleasure into your life as they will never be enough and the feeling will be fleeting.

So, who am I?

It’s quite a paradox to state the things you are not, and then tell you what you are. Simply because it would just add another layer onto your sense of self, and if you read the path of identity then you know that is pointless. Be aware of your reaction After reading all of the things you are not, you may be resisting what I’m saying or you may accept it for what it is. If you are resisting it, I assume you already base part of your identity on some of these things. Bare with me for one minute and look closer to home, who is resisting what I’ve typed. Is it you, or is it something inside you that doesn’t like reading those words, do you have a choice whether to resist or accept? In reality, I can’t tell you who you are. If I tell you that you are:
  • Confident
  • Funny
  • Loveable
  • Likeable
  • Social
  • Friendly
Does it make it true? Do you believe it? Probably not. As Ecky would say, you are the underlying acceptance behind the words. You are whatever is left when you realise that objects of form don’t make you who you are. If you are rich and see yourself as a rich person, would bankruptcy mean that you are dead? Would you still not have the same personal qualities (and flaws) that you previously had, think about that one.

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