Rat Race Or Not, You Are Your Own Boss

I was checking PluginID traffic statistics last week and I noticed that one person arrived here by searching “What does Eckhart Tolle think of watching porn?” on Google. For those of you who don’t know, Eckhart Tolle is a very popular spiritual teacher and one of my favourite authors. The search query made me question what this person would actually do based on what they found online. To my knowledge, this is the only post on the site which mentions Eckhart Tolle and the porn on the same page, but what if this person had found a relevant answer? What if Eckhart doesn’t approve of porn and makes it clear; would the searcher change their life because of what one man has to say? Sadly, I think it’s very possible.

Guru High’s

The reason I started this website was to have some kind of ‘handbook’ as to how to live my life. I was reading so many books and doing things I never thought possible and I wanted to capture everything in written form. Back then, Eckhart was also a big influence on me and after reading The Power of Now, I went on to read the successor, A New Earth. Both books were fantastic, and I still read them every few months. However, I noticed that I didn’t implement many of the strategies he had to offer, and simply continued looking for more of his advice. I went to watch his film in a theatre, I purchased his audio programs, I joined his discussion forums, and I even downloaded his entire webcast series (10 hours) with Oprah. This might sound a little over the top, and looking at it now, I think it was. Of course, I enjoy his teachings and believe they have helped me a lot, but I was constantly in a state of looking for my next ‘fix.’ I realise now that I was always looking for more of his thoughts on this or that and then coming up with new questions and searching for an answer to those. I was always looking for the next nugget of knowledge I hoped that could transform my life. In other words, I was searching for the Guru High.

Being Your Own Boss

A popular trend these days seems to be people teaching others how to live the freedom lifestyle (which I call Cloud Living), as if leaving the rat race is the main thing you should strive to do in life. First of all, I want to make it clear that some people love having an employer. Despite making thousands of dollars online, most of my friends and family aren’t interested in learning how to do the same. They like their jobs, they do what they love, and with people who matter to them close by, they have no desire to start travelling the world. Just because you may have a boss in terms of career however, it doesn’t mean you’re not the boss of your own existence. I enjoy the teachings of people such as Eckhart, Hale Dwoskin (Sedona Method) and around 15 blogs that make it on my RSS Reader, but their words or ideas don’t control my life. Instead of following people like I was some sort of ‘fanboy’ and they were my guru, I now simply apply lessons that work for me wherever and whenever I feel necessary. Anyone that has purchased Cloud Living knows that it wasn’t something I created just to make money or sell and then disappear; I really wanted to help people transform their lives. Because of that, I wanted to write content in the guide which would help people see their own potential and actually take action with the methods and tips I share. In order to do that, there were two main points I felt were necessary to make…

Your Life Situation Is Based On Your Actions

The following content is taken from the introduction of the guide and adapted for this blog Something fairly obvious, but often forgotten, is that your current life situation is based on nothing more than your actions throughout life. Take your current physical fitness, for example. I can’t see you right now, but you might be very healthy and in excellent condition, very unhealthy and could probably shed a few pounds, or probably just somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you realise your physical fitness is based on your actions. If you’re very healthy and in great shape, what can you put that down to? Do you work out? Go running? Eat well? If you’re unhealthy, can you see why? Hint: it’s probably because you do little exercise and eat a lot of junk food. I am aware that genetics can play a huge part in someone’s level of fitness, but generally, the actions you take define this. Life gives you the opportunity to make a difference; it’s just up to you to take it. And, just as your current situation is based on your actions, I want to make it clear that life will not hold anything back from you. If you take action, life will give you the results. Just look at this eBook as an example. I had wanted to write it for a long time, but only now have I had the chance to put my other projects on hold and give it my focused attention. No matter how long I thought about doing it or how long I wished for a finished version, it still wouldn’t get closer to happening unless I took action. Which I did. What you have to realise though is that the words on this blog or the teachings of anyone else are only going to take you so far. There will be a point where you have to take action and your next decision rests on your shoulders. Don’t stress out though because, as I said, life will not hold anything back from you. Just like doing 100 sit-ups per day will get you a flat stomach (no exceptions), performing the actions necessary for anything in life will get you the results you want. So, the two key points I don’t want you to forget:
  • Your current life situation is based on nothing more than the actions you’ve taken throughout life
  • If you take action, life will not hold anything back from you
Maybe it’s time you started realising you are your own boss?

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