You’re A Ferrari – Treat Yourself Like One

Too often, we treat ourselves poorly. We beat ourselves up over simple mistakes, we indulge in unhealthy foods, we don’t get enough sleep, and we work too much while not giving ourselves enough time to enjoy life. Simply put – this is disrespecting ourselves. When we do this, we are setting up a dynamic that allows us to treat ourselves badly, like a feudal landlord or old Southern planter would to his peasants and slaves, respectively. However, we know that we’re of much higher value than a lowly serf. In fact, we’re of such high value that I like to say that we are the equivalent of a Ferrari – a work of amazing craftsmanship and performance. In order to treat yourself like you’re high value, you have to understand that you are high value.

You Are a Ferrari

As Glen was very fond of saying when he was the writer here – you are enough. You are intrinsically high value because you are a human being, and you should realize that, unlike even the greatest of Ferraris and other supercars, your potential as a human being is infinite. Seriously. Let that sink in for a little bit. Your potential as a human being is pretty close to infinite. If you put your mind to it, you could learn an astounding variety of languages and other such knowledge, become world-class at a skill (or two), get yourself in unbelievable physical condition, and have a wonderful network of friends and family, to boot. For those who are scoffing at me right now and calling me crazy – hear me out. While it is highly unlikely that you’d have the time to do all of those things, it’s possible that you could do a couple of them. Or, more to the point – as a human being, you can improve yourself from now until the day you die. You can make strides in the right direction every single day – and if you compound the effects of small daily improvements over a lifetime, you’ll see that your potential in any given direction approaches infinity. The only restriction on your potential, really, is time – but you can’t do anything about that. I hope I’ve made this clear. This simple realization that your potential is infinite is what makes you a high-performance, high value being – much like a Ferrari. You are a Ferrari because of the myriad of things you can do – it’s only up to you to reach your potential.

Making the Choice: Are You a Ferrari or a Minivan?

This is where the true mentality of being a Ferrari kicks in. The question, at all times, is this: If I were a Ferrari, would I treat myself poorly? The answer is a resounding no!. If you were a Ferrari, you would treat yourself in the best way possible at all times. Know what I call treating yourself poorly? Minvan behavior. Here are a few example situations detailing the difference between the Ferrari and the minivan. Makes a mistake at work or school: Ferrari: Says it’s okay, shakes things off, and focuses on the next challenge at hand. Does not dwell on the past because it knows that beating himself up wouldn’t get him anywhere. Minivan: Relentlessly beats himself up and “replays” the mistake in his mind over and over again. Focuses on punishing himself so he’ll never do it again. Actually creates a cycle of pain because the mind, by focusing on the mistakes, is doomed to repeat them. Is tempted by dessert or another unhealthy food: Ferrari: Doesn’t give in to temptation, because he deserves higher quality food and nourishment. Realizes that the dessert is actually a toxin that will impair his ability to perform at his best. (You wouldn’t put poor gas or oil in your Ferrari, right? Well, you shouldn’t put it in yourself either. This is where the saying “You are what you eat” comes from) Minivan: Eats it and doesn’t care about the consequences. Doesn’t perform at his best for the next day (seriously – I’ve found eating junk food makes me feel worse for a day after). Has a big project looming: Ferrari: Creates a solid action plan with steps (and due dates) to complete the project. Chips away at it every day, and completes it on time with little to no stress. Is a very clinical, cool, dispassionate worker – he has passion that fuels him, but is very focused. Gets everything done with maximum quality and efficiency. Minivan: Very haphazard, and procrastinates until the due date is very close. Rushes things, which compromises the quality of the project. Uses procrastination and distraction as excuses for why his work isn’t as good as it could be.

This is All About Self-Esteem

As you can see, the Ferrari is the picture of high performance, professionalism, and self-esteem. The Ferrari (that’s you!) treats himself right, all the time, no matter what. Meanwhile, the minivan makes every effort to treat himself poorly, like he was… Well, a minivan. He puts bad food in his system. He never performs at his best because he’s too busy procrastinating and dwelling on his mistakes. This all comes from a place of low self-esteem. The Ferrari does everything it can to make sure it performs its best – this includes feeling its best. While the minivan might work a lot of hours doing things it hates, the Ferrari knows that, when his quality of work starts to dip, it’s time to take a break, loosen up a bit, and play, whether that means a night out with friends or playing a sport or a night watching a favorite movie. This is why I dislike when people are workaholics at the expense of sleep – to be a Ferrari, you need your time to refuel and recharge, which means you need to get enough sleep every night. If you’re coming from a place of high self-esteem and treat yourself accordingly, you’re the Ferrari. If you don’t treat yourself or others right, you’re being a lowly minivan. Ask yourself – which one would you rather be: a Ferrari or a minivan? It’s your choice. In the coming days, how are you going to treat yourself like a Ferrari? I’d love to know! Please leave a comment!

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